Thursday, January 26, 2012

One Way - California - Day 2 - Mt. Shasta

What is "One Way" The idea is simple: A destination is decided on and a friend is chosen to take the journey with. This journey is all about taking a risk with faith in the truth of your service and life's inspiration, opening up for new ways and locations for divine mercy to stream into our lives.

Day 2  - Sebastopol to Mt. Shasta

Ok, remember that time I said the journey is mystical. Well check it out..

We woke up from an amazing rest at the "Temple". Wondering how we got there in the first place. Unfolding magic always. We decided to get moving... We paroosed around the town of Sabastopol.. visited the local shops and amazing farms with organic fresh eats.

From there we decided to head up to Mt Shasta. To get the mood right we researched the magic of the mountain and watched a bit of Ancient Aliens on National Geographic. I took time out to meditate and feel that there would be someone there, in Mt. Shasta, to meet us.

It took us 5 hours to get there.. 

The moment we arrived in Mt. Shasta hungry and contemplating hotels.. we decided to go into Berry Vale... the local health food store. While we were shopping i noticed a little family  come into the store.. and they really stood out. Familiar energy. I noticed it but went back to shopping. The husband of the crew walked by me and I felt that this person was very significant. We said hello in passing.. I went back to looking for Fig Newmans. 

Then I ran into Vixie. She looked at me.. and said "Srikala!?!" .. I didnt fully remember her until she said. "Its me, vixie from the Rainbow Gathering!" All of my memory of her came flooding back in. She continued, " That's crazy, I just posted you Sacred HipHop album on my Facebook wall yesterday, Now i walk into the store and there you are!"

We hugged, then her husband David came over and we officially introduced ourselves. 

The amazing part was that, at rainbow gathering, Erica had these bracelets that she wanted to give out to all the new tribe she met. She passed some on to Aloka and he gifter her a rainbow bracelet at rainbow gather. She was still wearing it. I am still wearing mines.

Amazingly enough. They invited us back to their humble abode. We talked about life, love and consciousness. Their little girls birthday was the next day so we made cake.

At the end of the night... we connected with the little one so much... that she decided to make a cave next to Anthony and fall asleep under it. We went to sleep excited to experience the sacred sites of Mt. Shasta.

The Journey is Mystical....