Wednesday, January 25, 2012

One Way - Journey to California - Jan 23 - 31st.

What is "One Way" The idea is simple: A destination is decided on and a friend is chosen to take the journey with. This journey is all about taking a risk with faith in the truth of your service and life's inspiration, opening up for new ways and locations for divine mercy to stream into our lives.
Day 1 - January 23rd.

The journey is mystical. And on this path of wonder and adventure, we set out to let go and open up for what ever the divine has in store for us. And in that intention we are and have experienced being taken care of at every turn. Also opportunities to offer service and share our love with everyone we come in touch with.

The moment Anthony and I arrived in SanFran Erica reminded us that we should give Ra Be a call. Ra Be is amazing brother we met in NYC at the events we throw in Brooklyn.  We were on our way to a vegetarian restaurant called.. Ananda Freura.. He gave us the head up that we should go to a place called Cafe Gratitude instead. His voice sounded so grounded and full of life that this inspired us to take that instruction. He also told us that he was heading to a music studio.. and that we could stop by then stay at the "temple".

The moment we arrived in Cafe Gratitude.. all 5 of the waitresses greeted us with so much appreciation! We were kind of overwhelmed. Suddenly one of them walks up to me and says "hey dont know you from some where?". Immediately we realized that we knew each other from Rainbow Gathering 2011. Right away I saw this as a beautiful confirmation. We were happy to see each other. She gave us the low down of all the best spots in "the mission" (the area of san fransisco we were in).

After eating.. After we drove to Sebastapol to meet up with Ra Be and his brother Nigel. I was so excited to be in california and immediately present with an abundant music situation. They were finishing up a project so we just watch in appreciation.. and met the owners of the studio and exchanged CDs...
When we got to the Temple.. we were blown away. So beautiful... amazing energy... it was a little cold.. but there was wood right next to the fire place. We felt the mercy flowing so strongly... Fell asleep awaiting the mystery of the next day.