Saturday, April 16, 2011

Live your Love.. Music.. and Green Bus..

It’s Saturday night, I have a scratchy throat from 2 nights of singing.. and just general soar throatness. Only thing to remedy this is ice cream and peanut butter.. hmm.. maybe not. 

Yesterdays Loft Party was absolutely amazing!


This was Truth Now and crew getting down during DJ Planet Rump.

and after his amazing set..


Optimus Tribe took the stage.... Ridiculous.. This time Aloka and I was joined by Jenny Electrik, AJ Block on didgeridoo, Duke Mushroom on Drum set, Adam Ahuja on KEys.. The Aposoul and truth now! So amazing to have Gaura Vani rocking with us also.


Artist Ashram was up in that pieeeeceee!!217495_10150222229130701_682280700_9160733_5137518_n

Then.. I got about 4 hours of sleep then we headed to Philadelphia on the Green Bus to play with The FlowDown  @ green fest..


It’s so amazing playing with Flowdown.. Because each member of the band is so good at what they do.. improvising is blast.. and an adventurous experience each time..  We are scheduled to play at this festival (Green Fest) in Philadelphia 3 or 4 more times throughout May and June. 


Tomorrow we continue the magic at the Unitribe full moon party!

See you there?


Your Servant


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