Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The next phase 2011..

Its amazing how much has changed in the last 3 months.

   The projects that I am giving my energy to and the projects that you just have to let fall by the way side. It is all an eb and flow of action.. that arises out of the realm of daily spiritual practice.  It brings forth a deep clarity of what I should be doing to move forward.. and what needs to take the back burner.

   I find myself taking a break from music production.. and focusing in on the music projects and their presentation to the world. I find myself going deeper into community projects. What pushes me in this area is a desire to see the Tribe well taken care of, happy, inspired and taking empowered action.aftermedmobSome of the Tribe After MedMob NYC


    So a lot of time given to Green Bus, Artist Ashram and Unitribe. With these things firmly in place it will add to new paradigm of conscious societies. With their own currency system based off of service to others.

Artist Ashram is a such an inspiring journey. Coming together with other magical personalities. To birth a structure that allows safe free play. Where everyone not only learns to go deeper in their own artistic expression but becomes a channel for love and empowerment.  In my own personal journey and unflolding within artist ashram.. I have been going deeper in fields of expression that I have not really gotten the chance to.

One of those fields is the land of Dance through contact improv. contact.4-10

In short.. It is an art form of dancing. Where you can dance at the level where you are.. and meet other people at their level.. and everyone honoring where each person is.  In every movement and interaction you can find deeper avenues of listening.  Reawakening the child within through movement and play.

The Group called “Underscore NYC” seems to have that magic in play. In a very grounded way..

And with these movements.. and along with the magic of many of groups and personalities that are deeply entrenched in their art.. we are creating a hub of magic to release any kind of block that has ever been lodged in the energy body… yes.. yes.. yes..  bless bless bless..

Ok.. back to flash web design..

loving you..

-Srikala  -underscore nyc on facebook – artist ashram facebook

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