Sunday, November 14, 2010

we are working also!

Heres a recent email i sent to a good friend.... i thought it would be nice to share it publically..
edited out a couple personal notes.. but 99% intact... Enjoy!

I'm sorry..
but the wheels are still turning in my brain...

I feel the whole point is that.. there is so much we can do and
offer.. and so many things we can explore and experience.. if we
allow ourselves to..

growing up..
My pops would pick me up from school.. then lay down in the bed and
watch tv... fall asleep.. then get up for work.. do the same thing all
over again.. every day.

I just recently spoke to my father.. and his conclusion is that he is
subjected to the worlds conditions.. and how he cant do what it is
that he likes to do.. because the world is designed in such a way that
it wont let him..

Im a totally different breed.

We all have so much that we are given. when i look around me right
now.. there are tons of things that i have available that i have not
used yet.
So i asked myself.. what is it that i want.. i defined it.. and
explored why i wasnt energetically aligned with that reality..
and then executed it... deciding.. that yes.. i like to touch.. and
massage.. and do reiki.. so lets make money doing it.. and bam..
gigs comes out of no where..

then.. and first and foremost music.. why am i not performing? why am
i not assisting people to produce their music.. i have the tools for
ok.. then lets do it.. boom... recording music.. traveling around for
free just to do kirtan..

making remixes for people for money.. doing
shows and getting payed for it. playing drums for peoples performances..
giving skateboarding lessons..
this is all new territory!

ive manifested a nice chunk of change.. in 2 weeks.. ive neeeever
done that before. and i have faith that with sincerity of purpose
everything will increase.. as that is the course its been taking so

and thats simply through being consistent.. and being on the grind..
but only through the gifts that i have and are excited to offer.
Its more like.. i "get to do this" feeling .. rather than i "have to do this" .

you said i wouldnt like the idea of getting a job... well i didnt like
the idea of my laziness in what was right in front of me to offer
same conclusion.. work! work! work!

You have so much... like you were saying.. you have so much money in
abundance.. what are you doing with it?
Take that course you always wanted to take... start your own thing...

some people like to go to school for it.. and wait until that happens
to start doing stuff.... some people like to go to barnes and nobles..
and get a book.. or youtube it.. or go to someone directly who they
know that does it.. and learn... and start right away!

maybe you are satisfied where you are ;-) ... and that amazing too..

i remember seeing an old chinese lady with all these bags filled with
cans on her back.. going from garbage to garbage on 2nd ave..
i thought for a moment... that you could look at her and say.. damn...
that sucks that she hasss to do that. but maybe for her.. shes the
most happiest person ever...
just simply doing her service of collecting cans and surviving like
that. so the joy is the objective.

theres so many options for you.. and its because you have been given
so much.. the simple step is to use it to do what it is your inspired
to do..

or just give the money to me.. that 300 bucks could go to an awesome
art presentation that we would use to heal the mind body and soul of
its soooo fair. lol.. because Im also working... on the griinndddd...
paying it forward in the most necessary way.. it feels good to be
able to say that and affirm that without any guilt.. yes.. if anyone
gives me their money.. im gonna use it in an amaaazzzinggg way... that
will come back to that person a million fold.. and be used to help
loads of others come closer to their true selves....
Your working... but you are giving your money to all kinds of
people... and every time you give your money to stores.. and the
electric company.. etc etc.. or to cirque du soleil.. do you say..
"its not fair.. im working.. what are you guys doing?!?!"

no you understand.. that they are also working.. to bring you
electricity.. to prepare food stuff on a rack for you to eat.. to
bring you amazing acrobatic entertainment.

we are working to bring you an amazing conscious nightlife
experience.. we are working.. rehearsing.. training.. to bring you
great music.. that you can dance to and find great release through..
we dont just show up and start banging on instruments and singing...
we are working.. to stretch your body and bend it and massage it into
healing and revitalizing states... we are working assist your favorite
musician to finish his album. or for him to have a place to express
himself musically.. we are working and cooking.. trying to feed you
when you come to our events..

And theres a shift of experience that says.. yes! i am working to! i
am valuable and the work i am doing is valuable and necessary..
feeling worthy of life..
you SHOULD give me your MONEYYYY!

ofcourse i say this with love.. and just using myself as an example..
im not trying to get you to give me money or anything like that ;-)
but writing this and typing also allows me to further process things..

we live in 2010.. new paradigms!... information is available like no
other time in this world ever! why not dive in?

love u


  1. love it! especially recognizing the two shifts from "have to do" to "get to do," and "And theres a shift of experience that says.. yes! i am working to! i
    am valuable and the work i am doing is valuable and necessary..
    feeling worthy of life..
    you SHOULD give me your MONEYYYY!"

    That was a tough one for me, to realize that just because I am working outside the mainstream, my work is valuable and IS STILL WORK! Once we lightworkers make that shift in perception and realize money is NOT THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL (evil is the root of all evil), because the power of our positive intentions transforms any negativity associated with money into beautiful possibilities.

    Keep up the "good work"


  2. I like this, its open-ended. I have a normal mainstream job, and I enjoy. It opens doors and creates different possibilities for me. I can do a lot of "lightwork" in the mainstream, and also in my off-time, because I'm not dependent on money to do so.

    Your lifestyle is different, and also opens possibilities for you that aren't here for me. I don't resent you, because I am CHOOSING to do what I'm doing.

    Matt Kocubinski