Thursday, November 4, 2010

the mission.. the love.. the vision..

Aloha beautiful soul.

There is so much to see ... so much to do..
Approaching the love of art from a place of empowering others. Empowering others with the understanding that they have a choice. You can choose how to respond to what is given to you in live. No longer living by default, or by the ideas and perceptions of another. Living from a place of satisfaction.. no longer needing validation from the world to feel happy.. but having access to a deep sense of love thats always available.

So much has happened since my last blog. Everything that has happened has ushered me into a place of more grounding. More determination to live my love. Sink fully into the reality of divine grace and mercy.. Translating my experiences through art.. through music.. through community and tribe. Learning to finish projects.. putting important things first.. and being consistent with my service.

I'm putting a lot of energy into building a high quality music production system.. For live shows and studio recordings. In order to assist the growth of these new times.. of conscious expression.
In order to assist the mass healing that is happening on a physical, emotional, mental and ultimately spiritual level. And a lot of it has to do with using what I have been given.. to its fullet potential. Offering it to the people for the highest well being of all... And in that honoring what I have.. more will be given.

That has been proven true with the srikalogy project. Finishing that up.. and putting it out there.. has led to so many opportunities of collaboration and big gigs and shows.. In my constant meditation and prayers in asking what can i do to move forward... The answer kept shouting at me.. "You have so much.. use it.. finish it up.. and give.. In this you will find so much abundance and growth.." The srikalogy vol1. project was my journey collaborating with different artists and also a journey through my different realizations and understandings in music production. So in a way it was like a mesh of new and old production approaches..

I often remind myself what is the goal of all of this? Well.. this is an experiment. "In the journey" is an experiment. I'm testing the sublime reality. Can everything really be possible through divine grace? Are we really stuck .. and at the mercy of outside conditions? Or does consciousness really create reality. I'm voting that consciousness creates reality.. you?
and in that law.. and in that journey of purifying consciousness.. My vision.. is a artist community.. focused on empowering.. uplifting.. inspiring.. healing.. and helping each other to invoke our true power in life.
Having a place for musicians to record.... spaces for expression on all levels.. live shows that lead to amazing transformations.. whether it be through reggae.. kirtan.. hiphop.. dance.. rock.. etc etc.. A community where we help each other grow and become the best musician or artist that we can be.

Its happening.. Its growing.. time is proving my hypothesis to be true... It happens even faster when the single vision becomes the unified vision. Our vision.
this video is from Oct 30th Xango: Rainbow Infinity Halloween party

haha "somebody dress me up!"


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