Thursday, April 8, 2010

Skateboarding "Is" a crime? (well inside the mta stations I guess)

"Just spent a day in jail. For skating the mta indoor 10 stair. Had a long lost warrant from skating 8 years ago."

(actually you can see and hear the first arrest in the beginning of my part in the ABC video.. and the indoor 10 stair at 1:38)

Actually it turns out my mom has the paper that said i was cleared for that previous arrest.. so that should have come up in my record.. but anyway.. after a long run around they cleared everything and told me to stay out of trouble for 6 months.

Was an interesting experience.. must of spent hours in 3 different cells..
The first place they put me in.. i just sat down and started to finish up my daily meditation.. and they were like "what the hell!?!?!"
I heard somebody say.. "ok who went and locked up the buddha.." haha
"someone replied.. Wasnt me.. it was him." "I didnt want to do it.. he told me i should do it but i didnt want to"

Started talking to the guys i was locked up with about meditation.. they appreciated it.
one guy said " YEAH! meditation! these cops should start meditating instead of locking everybody up all the time"

in the next cell.. at central bookings
I slept next to a guy who was in for Grand Larceny. (which for him was theft of over $50,000 a day) but he was a really nice guy.. just doing it to send money to his family.. but most of the rest of the people i shared a cell with were all in there for silly stuff.. (and mostly everybody took pride in being violent idiots)
-fights broke out.. in the cell across from me. (which was predicted by one person in my cell.. to the time and cell that it would happen in.. which was really mystical on his part)

-after they cops rushed in that cell and took the culprit out.. one person next to me said.. "dont bring him over here.. this is the peaceful side!" haha i appreciated that alot.

-the cops were all unnecessarily intense. for some reason i got a lot of the nice cops ;-)
-When we were on line at central bookings to take photos.. each "perp" had a cop escorting them. so there was this long line in the hallway, cops on one side and criminals on the other. And I was just standing there in cuffs .. chained to 2 other guys that i just met... finishing up my japa meditation.. and i would open my eyes .. and i couldn't tell the difference between the criminals and cops.. it was an interesting experience.. because it seemed the cops were just as agitated as the criminals.. I told my observation to the lady cop that was escorting us.. and she said "yeah, we need to free ourselves from mental slavery.. thats the problem"

-the system in there is all screwed up. they take all your stuff.. they don't tell you what's going on, you don't know what's going to happen, they dont tell you when you are going to get something to eat.. and they are never on the time that they give.. and i didnt know any numbers by heart.. all programmed in the good ol cell phone.

I was suppose to be out the next morning.. and i didn't get out til 3pm. Then i had to go to the precinct that they first took me to.. to get my stuff.. and they took their good ol time to get it to An interesting lesson in detachment.

-at the precinct I saw the undercover cop that took me in.. I said whats up.. we gave each other a pound.

-It was all a blessing. I highly recommend the experience to all.. haha
just kidding.. I dont plan on revisiting any time soon.

But do be on the look out for Remedy Part 2


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  1. Wow that's crazy but sure makes an interesting read! Thanks for sharing SriKala.