Saturday, March 27, 2010

So i'm gonna give away everything..

aHH yeah..

Ahh.. blissful week past.. blissful week to come.. struggles here and there.. realizations about my self.. and my relationships outside of myself..

Loving every minute of it.. and even when im not loving it.. I'M LOVING IT!

Just g0t back from philly .. playing with the Temple Bhajan Band.. awesome 3 venues with them.. I love Sura.. He's an amazing person! Learning so much from him.
Heres some footage..

I've got a new vow.... for the rest of the year at least..
I'll never sell my music. Always free.. all the time.. Free Free Free..
I mean you can give donations.. and your love will be gratefully received..
But.. no more hording.. for sales.. or anything like that.. Its all silly...
I dont care about people stealing my stuff.. because you cant kill the unending inspiration and revelation that is ever present.. So to steal it would be helping me to carry on the mission...

So here! Hot off the press..

So this will be an experiment.. To see.. just how much does consciousness create reality?
Is Abundance a state of mind? Or is it something that comes from contracts.. and being the owner of everything, copyrighting?

So in order to experiment with this reality even further and deeper..
Im not gonna sell any of my music from here on out (for the rest of the year atleast)

And i'm gonna be doing a lot of skating this summer.. I'm gonna throw mad stuff up on youtube.. and all over the internet.. instead of hording it for some video part or sponser..
inspiration is free.. Life is free.. Take it.. be inspired by it.. and feel empowered.. and shine brightly oh beautiful one.. I have so much to tell you!

Loving you guys

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