Monday, March 15, 2010

Just write.. then hit the publish button..

Im just gonna start typing.. and see what comes out.. and hit the publish button...

The journey of life is an amazing thing.. I just want to experience it fully..
Expressions through music.. taking me into deeper levels of myself.. and connecting me deeper with the people around me..

Looking forward to taking more risks on the path that has been revealed.
Music.. and being more present in the world.. to bring through a message of deeper understandings.. Working together with the people that has been sent by the Divine.. to bring about a revolution of consciousness.. through amazing music..

These past couple of days I remembered a great personality by the name of Srila Prabhuapada.. and how he wrote a diary of all his interactions.. when we first arrived in the west..
One thing he did was send out a bunch of letters to news papers and radio stations.. and big companies.. for their support in his mission...

Just see how much confidence.. and determination he had..
which led to a worldwide movements of spiritual transformation.. with temples in every state and country..

"Where there is determination providence follows.." -bhagavad gita

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Loving you

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