Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sin Sin Monday Nights.. or tuesday Mornings?

Ahh.. I'm on a freestyle cypher high once again..
Sin Sin has an amazing freestyle cypher. Ive never seen it done in that format before..
I just got my chops up to jump on the mic recently.. and It feels good to face the fears.. and let go.
Usually I feel so humbled by the amazing artists that im surrounded by.. that I (with great satisfaction) just stand there and watch.. or play percussion for the MCs to go at it. But its also fun to Jump in and be a part of the mix.

Learn the art of getting Loose..

I feel that there is a place that the mind connects to in its deep freedom.. where words are just unlimited and ready to come through.. and to use the body and tounge as a tool.. to become manifest to the external world.. Effortless freestyled messages for people to build amazing life foundations.. words tailor made for each individual..

Freestyling for me.. is getting in that place.

Heres a video from a past session at SIn SIn.. this night was crraazzyy..
(If your on facebook that is)

Looking forward to the Def CLones bug out session @ union Sq this summer!



  1. Yo K - You killed it last night. Incredible pocket. Great to see you rip the mic. Now let's see if you can do a kickflip while freestyling:)

  2. word.. next monday! kickflip freestyle!